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December 12, 2005

Real estate bubble flashback: Listings vs price reductions 2004

Sf_2004listedvsreduced_112404_1Thus far, we've only posted one of five graphs comparing price reductions on single family homes listed for sale in Massachusetts in 2004 versus 2005.  To establish a baseline for those comparisons, let's step back and look at the number of single family homes listed in MLSPin through Thanksgiving last year compared to the number of price reductions by price range  (click on image for larger view).

Tomorrow's graph will show both the increase in listings and price reductions by price range for this year, 2005.  To receive it automatically, simply sign-up for The Real Estate Cafe's RSS feed.  If you have more specific questions about market trends -- particularly price reductions across Massachusetts related to your own house hunt, please let us know how we can help you help yourself!  There are thousands of bargains this time of year, and you can increase your savings by choosing one of our rebate options, see see diagram of potential savings.

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