The Real Estate Cafe's mission is to help real estate consumers save money -- an estimated $30 billion annually according to McKinsey & Co. -- by harnessing the money-saving power of the internet. Opened in 1995, the original Real Estate Cafe was the nation's first internet based, walk-in housing information center. With 1,200 square feet of retail space, the original cafe was part bookstore, part cafe, part adult center, and part real estate office. We were the first real estate company in the nation to enable consumers to access MLS listings from the convenience of their own cell phone. We call it our "Take-out Menu."

As nationally recognized consumer advocates, The Real Estate Cafe has been pioneering new business models that help home buyers and sellers save billions of dollars for more than a decade.

The Real Estate Cafe partners with its do-it-yourself, tech savvy clients and rewards them with unrivaled commission rebates.  You can also pay for our services "a la carte" on an hourly and flat fee.

Knowledge is power and The Real Estate Cafe teaches its clients how to "beat the system" through educational seminars, blogs on important topics like the real estate bubble and peer-to-peer communication.

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