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February 11, 2005

Leaking results of savings survey

Convfloor_468For nearly a decade, one of my passions has been chasing the cutting edge of new business models online in real estate, identifying "best of breed" savings opportunities for home buyers and sellers. 

Over the past six months that pursuit has led to hundreds of tradeshow booths at the Mass. Association of Realtors conference in September; the New England Mortage Brokers Association in October; the National Association of Realtors convention in November; Connect 2005, a real estate technology conference in January; and finally the International Homebuilders Association in January.  Now after five more weeks of updating a database of savings opportunities in 2000 vs 2005, it's time to begin leaking those results of that comprehensive study of approximately 175 companies to current and potential clients through this blog.

Maintaining an industry wide "menu of savings" is an ongoing challenge.  We need your feedback so we don't overlook a "best of breed" company or misunderstand someone's "value proposition."  Beyond tracking those savings opportunities, our goal is to help seed a new generation of "embedded real estate reporters" or citizen journalists. To do that, we will pay you to contribute in this experimental blog.  If you are a client, we'll reduce your fee by $25 for each comment and $50 each comment that includes a photo or video clip.  For more details, call 617-661-4046 and ask about The Real Estate Cafe's "tipping policy."


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