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February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day Cartoon Caption Contest

Represent0_1Fellow real estate consumer advocates:  Fred Meyer's quick suggestion to change the caption of the Valentine's Day cartoon, which also appears under the "Dual Agency Detective" section of this blog, caused me to erase the original quote and post this blank version online.  If you click on the image at left, a full-sized image will pop-up.  Feel free to download it, and adopt it for your own needs.  If you want to share your Valentine's Day makeover with others on this forum, just click "comment" and post your suggested caption / bubble quote. 

Fred's suggestion is to amend the artwork so the balloon caption reads

"You don't love me? You don't represent me?
After all the time we've been together!"

And to a add this caption: "The Valentine Dual Agencies Got"

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"I just wanted to get my home onto the MLS, but the Texas Realtors have used state government to force me to purchase the services of a full-service broker"

Posted by: Corey | Feb 19, 2005 1:34:16 AM

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