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May 07, 2005

Looking for hot buyers? Check out these stats!

Hot_stuffHow hot is the real estate section of Boston.com, the online counterpart to The Boston Globe?  A recent email sent to online advertisers reported these stunning statistics: 

"Boston.com is proud to announce that in March 2005, traffic to our Real Estate section surpassed 7 million pageviews for the first time in history... with more than 1 million homes-for-sale searches conducted that same month..."

With traffic like that and a starting price of just $69 for a two week ad, The Real Estate Cafe recommends that anyone selling "for sale by owner" should include Boston.com in their marketing mix (and it's not because we are pleased to be a long-time advertiser on their open house search page.)

Looking for another best practice to increase your exposure?  Place an inexpensive one line listing in the Globe's Friday open houses section (shown in the photo above) but be sure not to miss their deadline: 4:30pm on Wednesday.

More best practices and hot tips on how to sell your own home are now available in your own home.  Call 617-661-4046 or email [email protected] for an appointment.

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