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August 30, 2005

"Don't be fooled!" Boston.com readers warn each other about real estate bubble

Openingq_6Bravo, Boston.com!  Looks like Boston.com launched a real estate discussion board yesterday about the real estate bubble, at least that's when the opening question above was posted.  As of this posting, approximately 28 hours after the discussion was launched, there have been 43 posts and a remarkable 3666 page views.  Only two other real estate discussions have had more page views, but "Important things to consider when buying" has been online for 30 days (6,968 page views or 232 per day); and the other, "Tips on moving" has been online for 22 days (6,404 page views or 291 per day).  That means that people are looking at posts about the real estate bubble at a pace more than ten times faster than any previous topic. 

That begs the question, why did Boston.com wait so long to post the discussion question?  If we are in a housing bubble, won't more readers have been protected from potentially making the financial mistake of a life by debating the real estate bubble earlier in the housing season?  The Real Estate Cafe posted it's own discussion question months ago on a banner ad on Boston.com's open house search page.  It featured a photo of local celeb, Alex the Jester, and asked, "Are we in a 'Greater Fool's' housing market?"

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