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November 29, 2006

Prepping Donald Trump for Boston expo: What would a Real Estate Apprentice do?

What advice do you think Donald Trump will give homebuyers at the Real Estate & Wealth Expo this weekend in Boston? 

What questions would YOU like to ask him, or hear him answer in his 60 minute Q & A? 

If you were his Real Estate Apprentice, what information and local market trends would you review him before he advises ordinary buyers and sellers across Massachusetts?

Would you outline potential risks of buying in the current market, or do you think that might get you FIRED?

Should we collect our thoughts below and email them to his staff, or simply get together -- in person or online, before or afterwords -- to discuss the presentations, exhibitors, and our own perspectives of the market?

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I don't see any value in warning clients about potential risks:
- It doesn't do me any good.
- It doesn't do my company any good.
- The client is unlikely to heed the warning, but may well switch to a more positive agent.
- It is questionable if it does the client any good even if they do heed the warning(see below).

As much as we personally like to believe that we know the market, very few of us (if any) can reliably and accurately predict the future. There are just too many unknowns and too many potential unpredictable events. So such warnings, if heeded, are as likely to hurt as to help.

Posted by: Doug (french property consultant) | Jan 18, 2007 7:17:01 AM

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