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March 25, 2007

Talking about a (Real Estate) Revolution: Then & Now

Consumer_revolution040293 Welcome Boston Globe readers, existing clients, and others: Some real estate consumer advocates, like The Real Estate Cafe, have been "Talking about a Revolution" in real estate -- CONSUMER revolution to be specific -- since the early 1990's. Why do you think that alternative, money-saving real estate business models have been slow to capture market share?

The Real Estate Cafe has just launched an experimental new, social networking site to discuss that question and MANY others in coming months.  Please visit the site, add your perspective or questions, and even set-up your own page within the new site to share your thoughts, photos, videos, etc.  We can't wait to grow this community of web-savvy, do-it-yourself real estate consumers and real estate "change agents" to share moneysaving strategies and opportunities! 

Your creativity and friends are needed to join and expand the revolution.  Some photos from past efforts are shown in this mini-slideshow as well as a photo of the original Real Estate Cafe, founded in 1995, as the nation's first, internet-based, walk-in housing information center.  Last year, our clients saved over $1 million not even counting our commission rebates (see article in Wall Street Journal).  If you're buying a home, we'd be glad to chat online or in-person about our NEW menu of fee options, to help you choose the one that's best for you.

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