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October 26, 2007

Time for a "Real Estate unConference"? Let's start planning

Re_unconference1Nearly a year and a half after participating in my first "unConference," I remain interested in (1) meeting monthly with other real estate innovators in Boston, and (2) developing a "Real Estate unConference" model that can be replicated by fellow change agents around the country.  If you are not familiar with the unconferences, visit our earlier blog post entitled, "Brainstorming with real estate innovators in Boston & beyond" or join us this weekend at PodCamp Boston2:

Would like to brainstorm with real estate innovators (or any podcasters, bloggers, and social networking gurus) about the possibility of hosting a "Real Estate unConference" for home buyers, sellers, and "alternative" money-saving business models (for sale by owner, fee-for-service, etc). Some idea starters are online at: http://realestatecafe.pbwiki.com/Unconference

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Our event at NAR is pretty much just that. We pulled it together in a couple of days and got it up and running.

Posted by: Michael Price | Oct 27, 2007 2:40:00 PM

Greetings, Mike,

Glad to see that you are heading in a similar direction, but isn't your event B2B: Business to Business?

The Real Estate unConference I'd like to co-host would be B2C (business to consumer) and C2C (consumer to consumer).

More to come as PodCamp Boston2 unfolds.

Posted by: RealEstateCafe | Oct 27, 2007 3:04:36 PM

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