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January 18, 2008

Rebate Wish List: Home buyers, what would you do with a tax rebate PLUS a real estate rebate?

Wishsign Pull quotes from: Bush backs $145 billion economic plan

The president and Congress are scrambling to take action as fears mount that a severe housing slump and painful credit crisis could cause people to close their wallets and businesses to put a lid on hiring, throwing the nation into its first recession since 2001.

Economists said a reasonable range for tax cuts in the new package might be $500 to $1,000. Congressional aides said the White House plan is looking at rebates of up to $800 for individuals and $1,600 for married couples..."

"Americans can spend this money as they see fit: to help meet their monthly bills, cover higher costs at the gas pump, pay for other basic necessities," he said."

General discussion on Boston.com: Would you spend a tax rebate? Specific questions for home buyers:

1. What would you do with the proposed tax rebate? Would the rebate, plus declining interest rates, make any difference in your home buying plans for 2008?

2. If you added a 100% commission rebate from The Real Estate Cafe, typically 2.5% of a home's sales price, would that influence your home buying plans for 2008? What would be on your Rebate Wish List?

3. If you received a rebate over $10,000, would you be willing to donate part of your rebate to a cause or charity? If so, please add your favorite to The Real Estate Cafe's "Rebate-It-Forward" list.

RebateWishList.com currently forwards to a twin discussion on The Real Estate Cafe's experimental new social networking site.  Comments are welcome on either site, and home buyers are invited to introduce themselves via our interactive map.

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My wife and I make over 200k a year. We are not sure if we would qualify for the rebates.

If not, I see the rebates as a method of taking money from us, to give to a family so they can put it towards some imported electronic good. I truly do not believe that many Americans will save or invest the refund. I truly feel as though this is one of the worst ideas Washington has ever come up with. We might as well just start sending out Best Buy gift cards, or iPods.

If we do get the rebate, my family would chose to save it.

If we got a 100% RE commission rebate, that would improve our chances of purchasing a home in 2008. We currently own, and are looking to move up to a bigger, more functional home.

If we got a 10,000 rebate, we would probably save 100% of it or use it towards a home in 2008. Our family already gives generously to a church, but if we feel good about our finances, we might donate some more, but that would be done separately.

Posted by: Middle | Jan 21, 2008 1:15:05 PM

Using a tax rebate to buy a home could be a good move; one should consider a home buyer rebate too. Home buyer rebates are very beneficial to buyers, inasmuch as they lower the cost of a real estate transaction.

Posted by: Home Buyer Rebate Information - Atlanta, GA | May 26, 2008 9:48:23 AM

A commission rebate on a $600,000 home can be $9,000, that is much better than the $600 tax rebate -- Cash Back Realty offers real estate rebates when buying a new home from a builder or a resale.

Posted by: Home Buyer Rebates | Jun 16, 2008 11:26:39 PM

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