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January 02, 2009

New Year, New site for The Real Estate Cafe!


If you've wondered why this blog has been so quiet for the past six weeks, it's because we've been working on a new site which integrates our blog as well as content from The Real Estate Cafe's original web site.  As you can see from the Google search results above, if you type in "real estate cafe," you now get over 300,000 search results.  We're still #1, perhaps that's a reflection of our industry leading rebates, or the fact that we were the first real estate cyber cafe (see timeline on our wiki dating back to 1995).

To celebrate, we'd like to invite EVERYONE to join this ePhilanthropy campaign:  Regardless of what happens to housing prices in 2009, think we home buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals across the world can work together to turn 1,000 cups of coffee into $1 million for AIDS orphans? 

A continent full of AIDS orphans -- including millions in child-headed households -- needs you to respond ASAP.  See ASAP: AIDS Shelter Alliance Partner proposal on our wiki, and let us know if you'd like to view the slide show in person some at Starbucks in Greater Boston or via webinar beyond. 

We look forward to sharing this campaign with other real estate innovators, particularly those offering client rebates, next week at REBarCamp in New York

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